This is the website of Basque architecture practice of Iñigo Ibáñez Udaondo. Working since 2005 as a structures, heritage and building rehabilitation consultant. Sharing most of the projects with many partners -check the list below- + contributing with knowledge and experience to our clients' goals. Find out the projects in progress and the already finished work.


Making it possible since 2005



Saint Felix's School urgently needed an overall rehabilitation and enlargement, including a new gym. The lack of time and some functional requirements (25 m. wide spaces without any posts in he gym) made us use this prefab iron structure.

The solution was inspired by Alejandro de la Sota's La Salle Maravillas Gym in Madrid. Thank you, professor!

Under construction (2013-)


Local architect Alvaro Libano raised this building in the 70's. His use of prefab concrete, iron structures and a rational composition has made it possible to achieve a nice image once the rehabilitation was completed.

Finished in August 2012.



The northern wall and part of the roof of this XVIth century dweling collpased last winter due to very tough climatc conditions. The rehabilittion project is being carried out under the supervision of the Heritage Office of the Regional Council of Bizkaia.

The building is the first example of a double arch entry in Bizkaia, and its inner structure gathers some remarkable features as the whole building worked as a cider press. 

Under construction (2013-)